Wednesday, March 28, 2012

She'll be comin round the mountain...

I am finally, finally sitting here with children in bed, ready to process thoughts, after 6 long weeks of nausea, occasional throwing up, and being fatigued like nobodies business. It's been a long mountain to come 'round, but you can see my chariot pulling along...

Today marks the 12 week, good bye First Trimester, hello Second Trimester, finally feeling decent phase! I am owning and praying and hoping the previous statement. I hope to actually be churning out some decent material in the coming weeks. Sorry for the lack of blogging- my hubby was getting on me about it even- but between him working nights, traveling cross country for my grandmother's memorial service, chasing two kids under six years old, and being PREGNANT (hello!) I have been, say, slightly busy at times. I plan on putting up pregnancy updates like I did during Levi's pregnancy, but tonight will include a little of everything and answering questions that people have been raising to me quite frequently over the last two months since we announced a pumpkin coming to the patch.

Aren't you freaking out about having another mouth to feed? This is almost word for word what came out of a friend's mouth two weeks ago after finding out we are expecting. And the answer is, not in the least! We are excited. We consider having children to be on of God's greatest blessings. No, it wasn't super unexpected- we were not trying, but not preventing. Just letting God be in control and trusting. Yes, we know how this happened- apparently we are pretty good at it. And no, I am not getting a job again. We had a pretty firm "It's time for you to stay home, Jay," coming from both of us, and we have made it the last year on one salary just fine. There isn't really any excess, but we are having our needs met and that's all that matters. I don't want to worry about feeding teenagers; I just want to take one day at a time. I breastfeed, so there is no formula to pay for, and we use cloth diapers, which are for the most part completely paid for, and I will use them on our next child. So there really isn't a whole lot of expenses adding up.

Wait, you're planning on nursing? And you're still nursing this one? What?! Yes, and yes. Other than the first few hellish weeks, it gets a LOT better and for me, is way easier. I also know exactly what my child is taking in- the absolute best. With our firstborn, Micah, I only lasted 8 weeks and then he was weaned for a number of reasons, but this time around we are going strong and Levi is 15 months. I don't anticipate any problems. Levi has cut way back on the amount he nurses, and if he decides to completely wean during pregnancy, I won't be heart broken about it. If he does continue, I don't have any problem with tandem nursing. God gave you two boobs, it's not the end of the world :) Besides, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends at least 2 years, and after that as long as both baby and mother are content.

Are you finding out what you're having? Absolutely. I could have a surprise if we already had a girl and had stuff on hand for both, but at this point in my life, I feel like I just want to be as prepared as possible.

Wow...maternity clothes already...Unfortunately, yes. Your body's ligaments and core muscles are already stretched from the first time around, so you show much earlier with each consecutive pregnancy. Micah's baby bump required maternity jeans around 18 weeks. Levi's needed  little more give around 12 weeks. And this time, after 8 weeks I said heck with it. The rubber band trick just isn't cutting it! I haven't gained any weight- in fact, I lost a little, and am still down about 6ish pounds, but just can't fit the jeans from the belly pouch. And I am a belly sleeper! It's starting to get uncomfortable to sleep, so bring on the pillows.

Are you having a shower? A few people have asked me about this, and to be honest, I have no idea. I was always told it was tacky or made you look desperate having a shower after your first baby. That you knew what you were getting into getting pregnant, and you should have looked at your expenses.  But on the other hand, I have had LOTS of friends that have had showers with even 4+ kids. We'll see. If you really want to get us something, I wouldn't turn you down, hah! There are a few things that we will need, but no hugely necessary items right now. Cloth diapering stuff/gift cards to my cloth diaper retailer would be great. Also, we are going to be in need of a new vehicle that can actually fit 2 car seats and a booster, since our current vehicle won't. (I don't expect any one to donate for us getting a vehicle any more than I expect money to fall from the sky into my hand.) And if it's a girl, than of course frilly cute clothes. But for now, I can't tell you if there is going to be anything official or not.

You're....HOMEBIRTH planning? Isn't that dangerous/messy/totally hippy earth mother stuff? Yes, we are planning a home birth with an amazing CNM/ARNP who has almost as many years experience as I have been around. She worked in the military as well as hospitals for many years before becoming tired of the system running over a woman's ability to naturally birth, and did the smart thing and got out. I am a low risk patient- I have had 2 pretty uneventful pregnancies, and pretty uneventful deliveries. I understand there is no pain medicine at home. I didn't have an epidural with either birth, and if I am able to move and be in the bath or shower, if will help the pain greatly. It is perfectly safe; the midwife brings everything short of surgery to the house. And if something happens, I am about 15 minutes to the nearest hospital. It would take that long being in hospital to get an OR prepped if an emergency arose, so I am not too concerned. Another aspect of being prepared for a home birth is that you have extremely thorough prenatal care- much more than the 5 minutes an MD would give you at almost any OBGYN office in the country. Emphasis is placed on healthy lifestyle for mom to produce a healthy baby and an uneventful delivery. Please, if you are concerned, ask me about it, but if you want to bash my husband and I's decision before knowing fully why we are choosing the route we are, keep it to your self. No, I don't plan on eating my placenta for now, I am not a hippy, I don't consider it dangerous with the proper precautions taken, and it's not that messy. Everything is clean before the midwife leaves.

How in the world are you and Jose handling everything? Truth is, we take it one day at a time. It's the only way to handle it- if I look at the big picture, it's all a crazy, messy blur that I can't make out. We are, however, carving out a significant chunk of alone time for the first time in almost a year and a half. We have never left Levi for a night, and Micah has spent a night or two away in the last year, so it's seriously time. We are trying to go on a cruise for the first time ever the week after Easter. And if the finances just can't swing it, than we will just try and priceline a hotel and go away for at least a night or two. The last two times we have attempted something like this, things with the kids or work got in the way and we ended up going to the mall one time and Chili's another. WE NEED TO GET OUT! If we don't before the new baby comes, we won't for the next 2 years. I can see it now...deranged, delusional parents walking around like zombies...

Well, that's all the questions people had for me that I can think of. If you think of anything I forgot, let me know and I will see what I can do :)