Tuesday, August 31, 2010

...because I am possibly crazy....

So I must explain. I know you will probably say I am crazy, and I will probably say that down the road somewhere too, but I think we are...gulp... cloth diapering...

I know what you are thinking...the same thing thousands of other moms have thought. Disgusting. Stains. Smells. More work. Line drying. Old fashioned. Diaper pins. Leaks...the list goes on.

But let me tell you what I am thinking: Endless amounts of garbage. Chemicals that I cannot pronounce on my child's skin from birth. A huge amount of money invested, pooped on, and thrown away.

I think it's worth the extra effort to have our child's hiney in something that can last from child to child. Plus, it will save a TON in the wallet, especially if we can save them for another child. Check this out:

This is a chart from a mother made in 2003, and this is only savings for one child. After investing in the diapers, they are yours for many children to come!

Jose and I have been toying around with this idea for a few months, ever since we found out were were pregnant. The deal breaker was at Jose's work party this past Thursday, where I met two lovely women who cloth-diapered--or CD'ed, as I found out from my instructional session-- their two girls.

I have never met two nicer lesbians in my life. They have two beautiful girls, one of whom is still in diapers, one of whom is out, and they are thinking about having another- they want to try for a boy (not sure how THEY are going to try, but whatever). I saw the youngest toddling around with what I thought was a diaper cover, until I saw the telltale cloth poking out from inside...I proceeded to ask one of her mommies if she was cloth diapering, and BINGO! I got everything I ever needed to know. And then some. Like how they met. How they chose their sperm donor. Who was the mommy and who was the daddy in the relationship. How they would raise a boy. Who is the bread winner...and on and on and on...

And while I was there on the beach, watching Jose play football with Micah, one of the lesbian's daughters, and a colleague's son, I was inspired. They made the commitment to try it, and it worked out amazing for them- many dollars saved, and hineys protected.

If she (and she) can do it, than so can I.

Week 18 Update

How Far Am I: As of today, 18 weeks, 1 day. Two weeks til the half way mark!

How Much Weight Have I Gained: Net: - 6. So Far I am still in the green. Last time around, I gained a total of 12 pounds, and I don't want to gain a whole chunk of a lot more than that. I left the hospital last time in my regular jeans, and I plan to again :) The hard part: not throwing up any more. Pregnancy-induced bulimia makes the weight gain much more easy to manage, ha!

Baby Movement: Baby is moving as we speak. It must like mint chocolate chip icecream...

Feeling Pregnant:  Pros: This week has been rad! I am actually starting to experience the whole "second-trimester-glow" that I never go to have last time because of being so sick. I haven't thrown up in a week- and it's dangerous to say that, because usually I have to throw up right after making any kind of statement about how long it's been... Cons: None of my bras fit. Or jeans. My hunka-burnin-love does not mind the bras not fitting; however, "my cup runneth over" is not so much a positive thing right now...

What Micah Thinks of the Baby:  He is so excited! Today we were at the park, and there was a double slide, two right next to each other... "One for me, and one for my baby, Mom!" I love that he calls the baby "my baby."

Baby Prep So Far:  Again, nothing done. I have lofty goals of going to IKEA in about 10 days and getting some storage stuff for Micah's room, as well as a few baby things, but the bulk of stuff is going to have to be bought after we find out the sex.

Plus Sized and Pregnant: I found a shirt that says "WE'RE HUNGRY" on it...How fitting since I can actually eat now! Speaking of eating, I have to really watch my diet and keep walking these next few weeks, because I don't want any funny business with my blood sugar. Diabetes runs in the family, and I am a little paranoid of having pregnancy-induced diabetes, so low carbs, here we come.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 17 Update

How Far Am I: Monday marked 17 weeks pregnant. Only 23 (roughly) to go!

How Much Weight Have I Gained: Net: - 10. (Weeks 1-15, I lost 13 pounds. I have gained back 3 of those.)

Baby Movement: Started feeling the baby move roughly 2 weeks ago. It's not consistent yet, but more noticeable when I am lying down, or right after I throw up.

Feeling Pregnant:  Starting to have the back ache I had last time. By 30 weeks I had constant sciatic pain, but so far it's not that bad. Throwing up has slowed from numerous times a day, to less than 3 times a day, a few days a week. SO much better! But any time I throw up, it definitely takes a lot out of me. I usually have to lay down for a bit after because I start cramping...let's keep this baby in there!

What Micah Thinks of the Baby:  Right now, "It's a good thing. I am happy about it. I want it to be a girl. I want to name her Lucy."

Baby Prep So Far:  Almost nothing is done and it's scaring me! We are waiting to find out on 9/13 what we are having, and then it's going to be one big trip to IKEA. I gave away most of my baby stuff to friends that needed it. One lady that Jose knew that was in an abusive relationship and trying to get out while pregnant, so we gave her our old car, and as a present put our old infant car seat into it. Thank God for my friend Tara, who as I have handed stuff off, has handed me her old stuff. I love the way it all works out!

Plus Sized and Pregnant: So far, I have one pair of jeans left that still fit-- and I am wearing the heck out of them! I am starting to wear maternity pants here and there, which scared me at first because I didn't wear them last time until close to my 6th month. So far, everyone is assuring me that you show quicker the second time around. Some things just aren't fair: Lose 13 pounds, but your jeans don't fit. Odd. 

...let the posting begin...

Okay, here goes...

I must preface myself here. There are a few things that I must get off my chest before the games begin. First of all, for those of you who know me, there is no real sugar coating of anything I say, so my blog will be the same. This is the real life, sometimes sticky, messy, emotional roller coaster of pregnancy that YOU ALL wanted to see, so I am putting it out there.

And yes, I am sarcastic, which can actually make for good reading...
And yes, I am a nurse, which will sometimes account for more details than you ever needed...
And yes, for my friend Tiffany, I will probably post a belly shot or two, which may induce vomiting on your part or mine...

Now that we got that over with, we can get to the good stuff! I will be putting up a weekly (sometimes more if things ever get interesting) post of the typical recorded preggo stuff: How many weeks I am. How much weight I have gained. What makes me feel like I am pregnant. What I am craving. What I have actually gotten done in preparation for the baby. And then, my friends, we will add the toddler-mom, plus-sized, making-ends-meet spin on it.

Thanks for following, and look for a post later today!