Sunday, April 8, 2012

Leggings and Other Morsels...This Week's Tidbits

What a week this has entailed! You know it's going to be crazy when your husband is working 60+ hours, your littlest is sick and cutting two teeth, and your 5 year old acts like, "This is just another day, Mom. Where's my peanut butter sandwich?"

I have discovered the power in leggings. I have always hated leggings. As a slightly (hah! who am I kidding?!)  more voluptuous type (get real, I have a lot of cellulite that I have just come to terms with), they have always been the bane of my closet's existence. That, and anything involves my thighs. Say, shorts. Off topic, but real. Any ways, I have gotten 3 pairs of leggings- either clearance, or given to me- and I must say, I AM IN LOVE. I used to see them as vacuum wrap for my cottage cheese legs, every divot on my upper thighs highlighted by the ridiculously shiny nature of leggings, but now... I am relishing how soft they are on my ever expanding midsection. Being in the whole not-maternity worthy, but not able to button the jeans belly stage, I am ever so appreciative. I probably won't be leaving the house in them without a dress over. After all, if it can happen to Paris Hilton, it WILL happen to me.

Next order of business: T-5 days until we go on a cruise! I am uber excited. As in, I bought make up for the first time in 4 years. I know what you're thinking, concealer gets gross after like 6 months, but hey, who doesn't just pick out the clumps, shake it up, and move on when they only wear it maybe 10 times a year? I am also getting my 2nd trim in 15 months, since I have been growing my hair out and now it's completely Mom-Frump-Unruly. Lingerie packed, check. What's that? You're going to have S-E-X? Umm, yeah. Darn skippy. It's a beautiful thing in the context that God created it. Apparently we have heard of the thing, and seeing as how we are almost a family of five, we must be decent at it.  We are going to be alone. On the ocean. Under the stars. Alone.  I am so excited!!

It's going to be like our honeymoon all over!
Speaking of no kids, a conversation with my five year old:
Me: "So I saw you picking flowers for Laura Jean at church this morning."
Micah: "Yeah, I did."
Me: "What was that for?'
Micah: "She's my friend and I wanted to do something nice for her."
Me: "Is she your girlfriend?"
Micah: "No, I don't want to do that stuff. She's just my friend. I won't have a girlfriend until I'm like, 17. Is that good?"
Me: "Sounds great!"
 I love that he is learning things like this. That just because TV or the movies or the stuff you hear people talk about is common, doesn't mean it's what has to happen in your life. You go by the standards God gave you. You listen to Mommy and Daddy, and we'll guide you best we can. Don't count on the world to make you happy, or fill your voids, because you'll only get let down. It's showing me that we are doing something right and that he has a good head on his shoulders, even if he doesn't listen to his Abuelo to get out of the sprinklers. In time, little one, in time.

Stay young and small!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Pumpkin Baby: 13 Weeks of Baking Done!

13 Weeks- No wonder I can't sleep on my belly, my uterus is the size of a grapefruit!

How Far Am I: umm, you just read that :) 13 weeks and change down. My first trimester is done!

Baby's Gender: We will find out in approx 6 weeks. Right now we have no preference- another boy would be super easy since we are pretty much prepared, and boys make for a rowdy but fun house. A girl would be great too! And having two older brothers to beat up guys coming around in high school... priceless.

How Much Weight Have I Gained: -10.
For the first 6 weeks, I basically had no appetite, but only threw up maybe 3-5 times a week. Yes, gross, but a drastic improvement from other pregnancies. With our first, I was on medications and close to being in the hospital at some points from hyperemisis- I lost 26 lbs and would throw up 10+ times a day. Maybe it's a girl this time? Or am I just getting used to pregnancy hormones?

Cravings: Not much- trying to eat a balanced diet, and increase my iron. It was a little low on my last lab draw, but the iron pills are killing my stomach. Extra spinach, beans, meat, etc are being added. The only things I really "crave" are things a little fancier- right now, I am eating a baguette with herbed goat cheese, fresh cut basil, and sliced grape tomatoes. SO yummy!

Baby Movement: None really yet. Although sometimes I feel little flutters that could just be rumbling- but maybe since I know what I am looking for, I am feeling it earlier.

Body Changes: I am in that "I can't wear regular jeans but don't look pregnant yet" stage. Basically just knowing that my stomach is growing, and to the rest of the world I just look fat :)

Sleep Habits: Practically none, but that is more because of Jose working night shift than because of the baby in my belly. It's so hard to sleep in an empty bed! I tried to put Micah in with me earlier this week when Jose was working, but I ended up being "snuggled", or kicked, all night :)

What Micah (5) /Levi (15 mos) Think of the Baby: Micah says he wants another boy, because boys are "easier to love" than girls, and more fun. And he doesn't want to have girls stuff everywhere in our house. He also told me that he is glad that I breastfeed, since he thinks "boobies are pretty much epic." No kidding, buddy, wait until you're married someday... Oi vey. Levi has learned how to say baby, and likes to touch a baby doll that I have around the house. He has no clue, obviously, that he will be sharing me in 6 months. Oh, the devastation to ensue...

Baby Prep So Far: None!

Plus Sized, Nursing, and Pregnant: I am currently taking each and every day on it's own. When I look at the grand scheme of things, it's somewhat overwhelming! I am glad that I have learned to have that attitude over the last year of staying at home, because it's taught me that life is too short to freak out about your jeans not fitting, or tandem feeding two babies at once. It's all a blessing, it's all a journey, and I am just along for the ride. I am loving our midwife, and am so excited that Jose is coming with me to my next appointment- hopefully we will hear a loud and strong heartbeat.