Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Stuff I Love

So there are some things that I think are totally, insanely cool that I have picked up for Levi that I didn't have last time around...

Who in the world wants to squeeze diaper rash cream out of a tube, slather it all over a butt, and then have that french-manicure-from-desitin look? With cloth diapers, you can't use traditional diaper rash creams because they repel the water from the cloth. Introducing the Grovia Magic Stick!
It's a cloth diaper friendly, organic, all natural diaper rash ointment in a STICK form! It's just like a glue stick, screws up from the bottom, that you rub on the baby's bottom. No poopy hands, no salve under your fingernails, safe for cloth, and smells delish!

Next, a way to breastfeed in public, sexy fabric, and be able to see your baby at the same time...
an Udder Cover!
A one-size-fits-all cloth diaper that is ubersoft, easy to use, and will last from birth to potty training...FuzziBunz!
Besides, how much cuter is that than a regular diaper?!
The Balboa Baby Sling
We were big time baby wearers with Micah. He had colic and would just scream, but putting him in the sling soothed him so fast! We went out to dinner for my sister's birthday the day I was released from the hospital, and our son came with us in the sling. A lady asked what Jose had in there, and he politely said "books", and went right back to eating his pad thai.

37 Weeks Down, about 19 days to go...

Sorry for all you squirmies! This update has some body changes that are a little "nurse-y". If you can't handle it, don't read it :)

How Far Am I: 37 weeks, 2 days today. Only 19 days out from my "due" date. Micah was 5 days early, and I think I am going to be a little early rather than a little late just from the way my body is changing. Don't want to get my hopes up though!

Baby's Gender: 100% Boy

How Much Weight Have I Gained: I have actually went backwards the last week or so. I had put on those few pounds because of holding on to a lot of fluid. I decided to go on leave a little earlier than expected because of my blood pressure and a couple of other things, and because of not being on my feet as much and the stress, I lost that weight. As of yesterday, I am officially 7 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant. Assuming I will lose about 15-20 pounds the first couple of days from baby/fluids/etc., I will actually be thinner after the baby than before I got pregnant. Works for me!

Baby Movement: He is becoming much more cramped. No more grandiose movements. Now, it's just squirmy, can't-get-comfy movements, which makes me have squirmy, can't-get-comfy movements. He is pretty darn low- I told Jose yesterday that I feel like he is either going to crawl out or I am going to pee everywhere. Let's hope for the crawl out situation :)

Body Changes:  SO many! Last week, I was 50% effaced, a fingertip dilated, and -2 station. Basically, that meant my cervix was halfway ready, opening a little, and Levi's head is at the top of the canal and on it's way to engaging. She didn't check me yesterday, but when she pushed on his rump and asked if I had pelvic pressure, the answer was written all over my face. She said if I don't deliver by next week that she will check me again then. I am also starting to make colostrum. I don't have the full on waddle-walk yet, but I am definitely getting there.

Sleep Habits: Jose and I have slept horribly the last week, but strangely not because of the baby. We are both sick- head cold, coughing all night, snot every where...I am praying that we get better before I deliver because I don't want a sick baby!

Labor Cues: I have been having contractions off and on. Usually they start at night- go figure. The other night, it went on for about an hour and a half of 7 minutes apart, strong, and about 30 seconds or longer. I was so excited, and then they quit! I told my midwife that I have been taking the evening primrose oil, and she said to keep that up, and then also told me to start taking red raspberry leaf tea. This promotes uterine tone- it can bring on contractions if your cervix is ready, and can intensify them if you are already contracting but it's not really going any where. I do NOT want to be induced- I made that perfectly clear when they asked if I wanted it, but I am totally open to trying herbal remedies. I will not be one of those women that gets desperate and takes Castor oil. The whole idea of having massive diarrhea to go into labor makes me sick. Why would you want to make something that is already uncomfortable even WORSE?! That, and if you don't have the diarrhea during labor, you run the risk of pushing the baby out and shooting the person catching the baby with way more than they bargained for. NOT my idea of fun. 

What Micah Thinks of the Baby:  He is getting ready! I am going to get him a "big brother" shirt, because he wants to wear one to church and tell everyone when Levi comes. I think we are going to get him a little "big brother" present from Levi to give him at the hospital, so he doesn't feel left out with all the new baby stuff.

Baby Prep So Far: Down to the wire! Cloth diapers are all prepped, our room is moved all around to accommodate a little extra furniture and our big rocker, and we are ordering the last of our needed baby supplies this week hopefully. Our insurance changed, so we are trying to see what needs ordered now and what can wait a little, because we are being hit with a $900 deductible that we were not expecting, and it has to be paid before the insurance company will pick up their 75% of the hospital bill. Yuck :(

Plus Sized and Pregnant: Realllllly feeling like a heifer right now. It is nice to see my belly moving all around, and seeing how my body is preparing for our little one, but I know this time is rapidly coming to an end. I was able to paint my toenails last week (took me almost half an hour) and I shaved my legs, but it's getting ridiculous to tie my Nike's or pick stuff up off the floor. I am definitely feeling more ready. Not miserable and "wanting this baby out," but ready.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Finally! An Update!

Disclaimer: For all of you who were following this regularly, my deepest apologies for not updating in 6 weeks, but if you know me and my family, you know what there have been some things that have taken precedence which I will blog about later today or tomorrow. Here are the updates-- 6 weeks have gone by; so much has changed since the last time!

Christmas Day
How Far Am I: Exactly 36 weeks today. I am due in 28 days! Micah came a little on the early side, and I am hoping that this baby knows that to be early is to be on time...Started taking some evening primrose oil to help with this :)

Baby's Gender: All boy! Jose and I have started reading some boy parenting books that our parents got us for Christmas, and I am realizing how different this is going to be than growing up in a house of all girls. It's going to be a rowdy house, and I will probably never buy new furniture again, but that's all good :) We already know that we aren't stopping having kids here unless there is some medical reason why I can't, so we can always try for a niƱa later. We're young!

How Much Weight Have I Gained: In 36 weeks of pregnancy, I am proud to say that last Wednesday at the doctor, I had totalled 12 pounds of weight gain so far. I think most of this is fluid, because from my knees down are swollen. We'll get to that...

Baby Movement: Constantly moving, except for when Jose's poor aunts from Spain try and feel. He has been head down since about 28 weeks, and it is so funny because I always know he is head down when the hiccups are in my pelvis. He really favors the right side of my belly, and I try to lay on the right side to get him to move over. He does NOT like this, and kicks me back. I don't have elbows or feet up under my ribs this time, but his little tush is always pokin' out.

Body Changes:  You'd think that with as horrible as my skin with stretch marks from the last pregnancy, I wouldn't have gotten any this time because it was already stretched. Good in theory, I guess. I only have a couple new ones this time, on my upper abdomen. Otherwise, not much has changed except for my lower legs. I bought some compression stockings to wear at work (they help a little) but lately I have gotten used to the fact that my toes look like little sausages.

Sleep Habits: Sleep is becoming impossible at this point. I remember when I was pregnant with Micah, a friend told me that you don't sleep the whole last month because God is preparing you to get up every hour or two with a newborn. She was so right. I am never able to get comfortable until about midnight, and have to shift every hour or so to the other side (can't sleep on your back). I have taken to sleeping in the rocking chair some nights because my heart burn has gotten so bad that I can't lie down very well. It's actually quite comfortable, even though I feel like a total old woman sleeping in a rocker. It's okay- I am going to be using that rocker all the time when Levi gets here to nurse!

Labor Cues: Braxton Hicks are pretty much a daily occurance. Sometimes I have them fairly regularly (every 10-12 minutes apart) for an hour or so, and then they disappear. I sang on Saturday night at church, and the whole last 2 songs I was contracting. Jose and I ended up heading out after music because I was so uncomfortable with them, and they kept up for a good hour or so. Someday soon, they will turn into the real thing! It's crazy to think that on Wednesday, I have my first pelvic exam to see if I am dilating/effaced at all. I started taking some evening primrose oil, which is chock full of prostaglandins. Those help to thin the cervix out so it can dilate. Can't hurt :)

What Micah Thinks of the Baby: Lately, he has good days and bad days. There are days where he says he can not wait until his brother is here so he can teach him things, and then there are days where he is super rebellious and is starting to regress. The other day he went #2 in his pants (the 4 year old who has been potty trained for 2 years). He wants to "be a baby again". We are taking it one day at a time, and trying to find ways to make him feel special too. It's got to be difficult for him, because he has been the only one in the limelight for 4 years. I know Jose and I had to wait for our next child because of Nursing school, etc, but I really regret that they couldn't have been closer. Hopefully they will be what Levi's name means- "joined in harmony," which is why we picked it.

Baby Prep So Far:  I went from having NOTHING prepped to having most of it done. I never had a shower thrown or anything, and realized that we were really winding down on time, so the last 3 weeks have been total insanity. We have (prepare yourselves): Moved furniture. Vacummed under furniture. Washed all our cloth diapers. Gotten the baby room ready. I sewed our cloth wipes on the sewing machine. Put together a playpen/bassinette to use as a changing station in our room. Washed all the linens from the Moses' basket. Read the entire book "The Nursing Mother's Companion." Researched more of the Bradley method of childbirth. I started working on my squats and butterflies to open my pelvis up a little and get stretched. I don't want to get into the middle of labor and not be flexible enough to push- THAT would be humerous later but not at the time! Tonight, I went through all our music and made a labor mix that is 3 1/2 hours long- everything from Flyleaf to Coldplay to Crowder to Switchfoot to Mumford. The last few things we need to do are get our room totally cleaned out (it's the last room in the house we have not attacked), and pack my bag. Last time, I refused to pack a "baby bag" for the hospital a month early like everyone else. To me, it was exciting to run around the house, grabbing cameras and pajamas and toothbrushes and stuff. Jose and I are way to spontaneous to have a bag ready and waiting. Besides, with Micah I was in labor for 30-something hours. I am SURE I will probably have 20 minutes to throw a bag together before we head to Lawnwood, 15 minutes from our house. I am not one of those women who has babies in the car because her labor goes so fast.

Plus Sized and Pregnant: So far, things are swell. No complications really to shake a stick at as of yet. My body is doing exactly what God intended it to do, and hopefully that will continue all the way through delivery. I know I will not be leaving the hospital in skinny jeans. Or feeding my baby with overly perky bikini worthy boobs. Or showing off my post baby belly in June at the beach- lets be realistic, they make coverups for a reason (for me it's all the time, not after a baby). But I am so thankful that God has kept me healthy, and is letting me journey into being a mom for a second time. It's scary, but awesome at the same time :)