Friday, October 19, 2012

The Birth Album

Photography done by Ian Riley (my brother in law) who just happened to walk in minutes after delivery with his camera in tow. Used with permission. If you ever need a photographer in the Nashville area, please check him out here.

One of my favorite shots of Jose ever.

Micah was wide-eyed at everything going on!

Micah and daddy cut the cord

My sisters, Michaela and Christa, and Micah. He totally photobombed us!

Micah was so excited to stay up!

Jyl charted away after the birth

Mommy nursing the first time while Tia and big brother look on

We had the placenta lesson after. Shiny Schultz- the baby's side

And the dirty Duncan side- mommy's side

Christa hiding during the placenta pics

Jose was so giddy after!

Lots of skin to skin time 

And now to the last few pictures after all the family left. These were taken by us :) 

Jose and Jyl during the newborn assessment, prepping to weigh Jordi

Jose doing the deed!

8 lbs even, 20" long

The team afterwards.

Huge thank you's to Ian Riley for taking pictures, and to Jyl Krentz, CNM, for her excellent care.


  1. Omg that looks so awesome! I'm sure it didn't feel awesome but I'm glad you shared the so we can see until we come visit :)

    1. It was an amazing experience. And to be honest, hardly painful! The contractions were intense, but nothing we couldn't manage. It was like a right of passage.